We accelerate Mega Projects.
Hyphen connects you with the right people,
at the right time, in the right setup.
We help you create new worlds:
Faster, bigger and more sustainable.

We turbo-start

Your Ambitions

Hyphen can help you from start to finish, realising your wildest dreams with the assistance of outstanding individuals and teams. There are five stages to every mega-project and we will be with you every step of the way.


Economic Concept

Whatever your ambitions, we can provide you with the expertise you need to make them a reality. World-leading brand developers, livability scientists and renowned game-designers are ready to help you complete even the most adventurous of undertakings.


Strategy and action plan

Turning a bold vision into a rock-solid action plan requires not only the right minds but also the right setup and governance A coherent story will bring together strategic objectives, initiatives, and universally recognisable targets.


General Master Plan

The foundation has been laid; now it’s time to draw up a masterplan. Award-winning architects, smart-city advisors and seasoned designers can help you and your team to materialise the full potential of your vision.



Even the most meticulously prepared masterplans can end in disaster if there are not the necessary skills on hand to execute. Engineers and production experts, advisors with years of experience in delivering mega-cities, and civil engineers will make sure that even the most ambitious goal becomes a reality on time.



Your spaceship is built, the engines are set. Now it’s time to lift off. State-of-the-art vehicles need top-notch pilots. Therefore, we give you access to global operations managers with decades of experience in running the most ambitious undertakings.


We accelerated

We are trusted to aid in the development of large-scale projects around the globe. Here are just some of the plans on which we have worked.

The City of the Future

Constructing an urban environment from scratch requires a wealth of experience in different fields. Hyphen identified the individuals to develop a city ready for all present and future challenges.

Supercharging sustainability

Hyphen paired up with city authorities to help improve the green credentials of major cities. We sourced experts in the circular economy to help our client transition to a system built on the use of renewable energy and materials.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

Economic Concept Strategy and Action plan

An out-of-this-world space program

When a country decided to enter the 21st-century space race, we helped them find the perfect crew. Experts with real experience working at some of the world’s leading space exploration organisations were sourced to kickstart the quest into the cosmos.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

Economic Concept

A stunning mountain retreat

We helped conceptualise an exceptional luxury resort situated in a remote mountainous area. Hyphen provided the client with global experts covering the sports, wellbeing, education and recreation sectors.

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The Hollywood of the desert

Lights, camera, action! Hyphen helped plot out how a new movie site in the Middle East should look and operate. This entertainment superhub will open new opportunities for creative minds from all over the world.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

General masterplan Construction Operations

A different kind of shopping spree

When the leaders of a major city decided they want to upgrade and transform their city centre, they wanted a shopping experience par excellence. Hyphen’s team found them the experts they needed to build a stunning new retail district.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

Economic Concept Strategy and Action plan

Conserving corals and saving the seas

Preserving our natural environment is key to humanity’s future, with marine life playing an important role. Hyphen brought together a team of expert marine biologists for a project to help save coral reefs in the Red Sea.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

Economic Concept

Pressing the start button for a new World Cup

Launching a massive new Esports tournament needed some creative wizardry to power things up and get people excited. We provided a copywriter and design agency to make sure the inaugural event was a next-level hit.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

Economic Concept Strategy and action plan

The 21st-century desert dreamland

Hyphen brought together a roster of global creative, architecture and technology experts to design a genuinely iconic travel destination.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

Economic Concept Strategy and action plan

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Building an eco-friendly island resort

Minimising the impacts on nature during the building of several stunning hotels on a idyllic island required some top environmental minds. Hyphen provided a roster of eco-tourism and marine biology experts to make sure work would be sustainable.

Involved Megaproject-steps:

Economic Concept Strategy and action plan


Choose Hyphen

With our meticulous approach, Hyphen is the ideal partner for any project you can think of. We have built a reputation for collaborations of mega-projects for three main reasons:

Tailored engagement models

We have the right people for any project and can engage them in the most suitable way to meet your needs.

Unrivalled Track Record

Both Hyphen and the experts we provide have many years of experience and a deep understanding of working on ambitious projects in the Middle East.

Engagement management

We help make visions a reality and are with you every step of the way. From onboarding to offboarding, follow-up and everything in-between, Hyphen’s A-teams are available throughout the entirety of your project.


Throughout the whole process

We accelerate your mega-project, from the initial idea stage to the development and implementation.

We build a relationship and a level of understanding at the start of your project and match its level of ambition.

We get you the best fit-for-mission experts.

We help you engage them in the most suitable model for you and support you throughout the whole process.

We accelerate

Your mega-project

Hyphen turns bold visions into reality, as we are intrigued by new mega-projects. Get in touch and learn more about what exactly we can do for you.